Our Team

Get to know our small family 

Who we are 

As a child, Augusto spent most summers on his Aunt's farm in Las Pampas, Argentina. Where he was immersed in rural traditions. He is a design and mechanical engineer with a range of skills with which he finds innovative ways to develop the infrastructure of the farm. 

Louisa's love of the land and nature is deep rooted in family history - four generations of farmers in England. After graduating from university as a teacher, Louisa was limited to growing beans inside the classroom during Science experiments. Until the couple relocated to live in Tanzania as volunteers. 

Living in a rural village in a remote region of Tanzania in a 100% sustainable eco house they both learned more about excess, consumerism and community based projects. It was a life changing experience and motivated the couple to change their lifestyle. Shortly after this Louisa developed a small garden in Buenos Aires. 

During yet another relocation the couple started up a small cooperative farm in Texas. Working with neighbours they sold organic vegetables, herbs, dips, and breads at the local farmers market. Louisa also helped promote the market and manage the branding. 

Just before moving to Italy the couple volunteered for the summer on a sustainable, organic farm just outside of Bath. This final experience gave Louisa the confidence to leave full time teaching and focus on farming full time. 

Our Adorable Animals

We are home to:

3 cats; Nihao, Rosie and Myra. 

2 dogs; Mzungu and Gioia. 

Lots of Indian Runner Ducks & 2 geese. 

Indian Runner Ducks stand erect and rather than waddling they run. We free range our ducks and allow them to roam amongst our vegetables to feast on insects, slugs and snails. 

Each of our pets have a bigger purpose on our farm. The cats help to reduce the number of small rodents, the dogs chase away deer and wild boar whilst the ducks are a perfect pesticide for our crops. 

We are hoping to extend the family to include some sheep and small pigs in the near future. 

Louisa's Qualifications

  • Imprenditore Agricolo Professionale, 2020
  • Masters in Leadership and Management of Education, Sep 2015, University of London
  • Cambridge RSA Delta , 2013,  Buenos Aires
  • PGCE - Qualified Teaching Status, Middle Years, 2004-05 Bath Spa University
  • Cambridge RSA Celta, 2001, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  • BA (Hons) Education Studies & Music, 1996-99, King Alfreds University, Winchester
  • BTEC National Diploma - Business and Tourism, 1994, Bournemouth College