Our organic Aims

We have a 100% sustainable, organic farm that provides produce to families and businesses in the local area. We have developed an adapted Italian version of 'Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), which is popular in North America. 

Our system of farming has great benefits:

  • Reduces damage to natural wildlife
  • Increases the population of bees and preserves native wildflowers
  • Reduces water usage
  • Reduces food waste
  • There is no plastic waste
  • Increases community awareness of harmful insecticides
  • Develops a community of families and businesses who are keen to share recipes and ideas
  • Minimal transport and energy pollution compared to large scale farming or supermarkets

Our focus is to be sustainable. By remaining a small business we will be able to provide a personal and efficient service to our customers. We know that by valuing collaboration and communication we can achieve high standards of productivity.

Steps to make our farm 100% organic