How we grow

Organic seeds

During the summer of 2018 we successfully grew 100% of our plant products from organic seeds. We are aware of the problems caused by GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) and we would prefer to prevent plants from germinating in factory nurseries in an unnatural way. We need our plants to be hardy to grow in a harsh mountain environment, so better acclimatize as soon as possible!

Rainwater Harvesting and Gravity Irrigation

Rain Water Harvesting

Farming on a hillside might seem challenging to some. We are using it to our advantage! Never a chance of flooding our crops and a ready made slope for rain water harvesting and gravity powered irrigation. So we avoid feeding our plants with chlorine, fluoride and other additives in the mains water supply. We believe that water is a finite resource, we are lucky to have it and need to conserve it whenever possible.

Ted talk on RWH


Coltiviamo le nostre verdure usando alcune idee di Holzers. Vogliamo i limoni.

We are growing our vegetables using some of Holzers ideas. We want lemons.

Recycling materials for construction

We have received donations from local businesses of pallets and just about anything we feel can be useful on the farm. We want to maximise resources and their usefulness, we do not want to be part of the 'throwaway culture' that presides today and want to show that gardening is accessible for all.

Drip irrigation

Water is the main challenge at Boccatorta. We are constantly looking for ways we can use it effectively and efficiently. Locals have told us of the summer droughts occuring in the last several years. It may be the case that we begin harvesting the mountain dew!

We are making our own Ollas to bury in the Hugelbeds.

Natural and organic plant protection and fertility

Our first year was a real learning process. We experienced a wide variety of insect and fungi enjoying the new vegetables. We now hope that by having better knowledge and using hints and tips given to us by locals that we will reduce crop loss. Spring 2019 our team of free roaming Indian runner ducks got to work on the bugs and this years crop of chillies went into our natural homemade pesticide spray. We used copper based spraying to reduce fungal infections and others that are have bio certification. We fertilise using manure sourced from local bio farmers and have started composting our own garden waste.