For young people and adults alike, outdoor learning  builds values and ideals, develops creativity and enterprise, enhances a sense of stewardship, and widens physical and spiritual horizons.

We use unique methods to deliver authentic, quality learning experiences. You can choose to attend bilingual (Italian/English) or full English immersion.


Real World Activities and problem solving with academic skills & concepts embedded into the learning process.


We believe that all children and adults should be provided with opportunities to learn about themselves and their natural environment. Through being outdoors people are able to develop awareness of their own skills, strengths and weaknesses. Learning outside develops communication and language skills, self confidence and self awareness. Experiential problem solving increases opportunities for students to  develop their own strategies for learning, making connections and building relationships with each other and nature. Being outside has been proven to have positive impacts on general well-being and it is our mission to create a safe and exciting environment for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

We offer tailor made experiences for the following groups

School Visits

We offer  full day or overnight school visits and will design your content according to your desired learning outcomes.

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After School Clubs

We offer a variety of activities which are open to students aged 7 and older.

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Weekend Workshops

Guided by our seasonal activity and your interests we will be open to the public offering a full range of exciting activities and hands-on workshops.

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Speciality Weeks "Wonder Weeks"

Aligned with school vacations we will offer weeklong themed programs for full immersion experience

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Course Facilitation

We avoid using the term teacher or instructor because we believe that learning outdoors is a continuous and unlimited experience. We aim to provide access to stimulating material and real world problem solving which give students the chance to explore questions which come as a result of analysing problems and / or phenomena. Our primary role is to keep participants safe and learn how to assess risks for themselves and others. Workshops are hands-on and experiential with students observing, analysing, comparing, constructing, calculating and inventing. Because workshops are centred on student ideas and interests we will always be ready to change direction or focus if participants become fascinated with something else that sparks their curiosity.  Expert facilitators will adjust and adapt sessions based on the observations and ideas generated by the participants.