We have some ideas and visions for the future....

We hope that Boccatorta becomes a place which can support children at risk. Students who don't fit well into mainstream, traditional and outdated schools might be able to realise their innate and potential capabilities here and thrive. Within three years we wish to create a foundation which supports and encourages provision for students who may benefit but don't have the resources. 

We hope to become a place where academic research takes place.  We would like to be able to contribute to the growing body of evidence that children need to have access to quality outdoors learning experiences which are available frequently and consistently. We will become advocates for educational reform and try to grow a community of supporters to pressure politicians for change.

We would like local business and corporations to reach out to our students as young ambassadors who can help work towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

If you want to support our growth and development towards these long term goals, please get in touch.

We are looking for partner schools and colleges, researchers, voluntary marketing and fundraising experts and a bilingual accountant

We also have the idea to build 3 or 4 eco-treehouses which can be used for Agritourism but need investors and carpenters!

If you are interested in volunteering to work on the farm or gain teaching practice we also have placements for summer 2022 please contact us.