Forest School

Develop resilience, self-confidence, communication skills, independence and emotional intelligence.



Bocca Torta provides a unique setting situated in the mountains of Bergamo, offering a range of sessions and activities. We are a bilingual team and so suit the needs of many children and families. During each session we have a high staff to children ratio allowing us to support and truly follow their interests and explorations. It also allows for high-quality interactions in English or Italian. We provide opportunities to learn how to cook and prepare food organically from our very own farm. Our sessions are structured to follow the rhythm of the children and to utilise our current season. We want children to feel safe, to explore their environment, to play, to learn, to make connections and most importantly to be themselves. 

We believe that learning through Forest School takes place by engaging with our head 🧠 (our thoughts and ideas), our hands 🖐 (physically exploring and experimenting) and our heart ♥️ (how we feel about the experiences we have had, what connections can we make?). We use this as the basis of our activities and sessions. We want to nurture through nature. We provide a holistic approach, knowing that in order to develop into well rounded, happy and confident adults we need to take care of all aspects of the child. We do this through providing a safe, and nurturing environment, with countless opportunities, and an emphasis on fun, creativity and communication. 

The range of opportunities on offer during our Forest School sessions are endless. Here are just a few; free time to explore and truly be in nature, learning about plants and wildlife, building dens and shelters, learning about fire and tool safety, being creative, telling stories, reflecting on our own experiences, assessing risks and adapting our activities to make them safer, learning about healthy choices. All whilst hopefully developing teamwork skills, self confidence, a knowledge of capabilities, communication and friendship.

If you would like to join in please check our schedule here or if you have any questions let us know here.