Our own unique approach to academics on the farm

Overnight Options

 International and Bilingual Schools 

We would like to work with schools on creating sustainable field trips which are truly student centred and relate to the concepts, attitudes and transdisciplinary themes within the PYP and MYP frameworks.

We have created a PYP curriculum map which provide examples of lines of inquiry relating to the themes from the PYP program which can explored here on the farm or in the local area. Our staff can plan collaboratively with teachers and PYP coordinators to design how best to make learning as child centred as possible. We are more than happy to send material such as videos or presentations to help activate prior learning and generate curiosity and work with questions and interests generated by the children themselves. 

Visits can be designed to support small groups or even individual activities to explore students chosen interests. After visits have taken place we will compile a portfolio of the trip with a summary of learning, photos and videos and how to extend learning further. If in the case children plant, design and construct, or connect with the animals, it will be useful to reconnect some time after the visit to update students on the activities carried out which promotes sustainable thinking and life long learning.

The farm can also be used for MYP students Personal Projects, particularly those interested in issues concerning the environment, the economy, sustainable food production, education and more. Here is a mind map of problems and issues connected to our farm.  

Staff have been trained and taught both PYP and MYP programs at international schools. 


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