Public School Visits 

Our public school visits are offered with bilingual facilitation

We are happy to create a timetable of the day based upon the theme your classes are studying at the moment in school. Here they can further explore this theme and topic through activities in nature. For example, natural materials, from farm to table, the five senses, our wonderful world etc. Our staff can plan collaboratively with teachers to design how best to meet the needs of each individual class. We are more than happy to send materials such as videos or presentations to help activate prior learning and generate curiosity and work with questions and interests generated by the children themselves.

 After visits have taken place we will compile a portfolio of the trip with a summary of learning, photos and videos and how to extend learning further. If in the case children plant, design and construct, or connect with the animals, it will be useful to reconnect some time after the visit to update students on the activities carried out which promotes sustainable thinking and life long learning.

Staff are trained teachers and so able to plan activities suitable for school visits. 

You can take a look at some examples of activities here: 

Exploring forces in science using pulleys 

Problem solving to build a ramp for the ducklings

Exploring the sense of touch with clay and natural materials